Salary and wage income

If you work in an employment you might be able to get a partial refund of the wage tax withheld and paid by your employer by preparing and filing an income tax return. We will explain to you which kinds of expenses are tax deductible and which respective documents should be kept as evidence for the tax authorities.

You might also have specific questions, such as:

  • Which tax consequences does a severance payment have?
  • Which combination of tax classes is the best for me and my spouse/registered partner?
  • Which tax consequences are resulting from my company car?
  • Should I / can I accept another “Minijob” (marginal part-time job)?
  • Will further insurances have an effect on my tax burden?
  • Which additional pension scheme would be worth considering?
  • My foreign employer is planning to assign me to Germany for a part of the year. Which tax impacts do result for me?

We will calculate the most tax efficient possibility for you, review your tax assessment notices and file respective protests, if necessary. Of course we can also file applications for income tax deductions for you.